Hannah S. Pressman writes about modern Jewish culture, religion, and identity. She earned her Ph.D. in modern Hebrew literature from New York University in 2012. Her academic research focuses on life-writing, translation studies, and religious-secular dynamics. A scholar of Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino, she is especially interested in tracing the connection between language and identity.

Dr. Pressman has published her writing in a variety of academic and journalistic venues. Her work has been supported by grants from the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, the Foundation for Jewish Culture, the Schusterman Israel Scholar Award, the Wexner Foundation, and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. She also has extensive experience in the realm of strategic communications and higher education.

She is currently at work on Galante’s Daughter: A Sephardic Family Journey, a memoir connecting her Sephardic family history to explorations of American Jewish identity.

Portrait of Hannah Pressman

View from the island of Rhodes towards mainland Turkey, May 2006. Photo by Hannah Pressman.

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